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About us

CAPITAL offers real estate project development, management and implementation services, and provides Developer/Owner Representation to public organizations and private enterprises. CAPITAL has attained its valued reputation by demonstrating a high level of integrity at every stage of development, by being committed to the project’s best interests, by successfully integrating quality and value, by bringing in depth of expertise and applying a professional approach, and by ensuring the successful cohesion of projects with their local surroundings.

CAPITAL’s objective is to find the best solutions for projects, and apply them in realizing and maximising land potential. We deliver our projects on time while exceeding creative, cost and revenue expectations. Please review our Projects to learn more about our approach and past projects.

CAPITAL was founded not so long ago, in 2014 by two entrepreneurs, Cem Kantarci and Neb Dorontic with the vision to built better quality residential and commercial units in London and offer to the market better value and maximising potential but in the same time making sure that our projects bring positive effects to the community both visually and socially. In the space of 2 years we have been involved and completed in number very successful projects.

Our team brings more than 60 years of technical expertise and professional experience to every project. We manage our projects by has putting together a team of top-level professionals specializing in key areas of real estate development – planning and organization, architecture, construction and engineering. In addition, for each individual project, he engages Professionals, Consultants & Builders, including urban planners, architectural designers and engineers, to contribute their specialized expertise to that project’s specific needs.